Natural Remedy for The Flu and More – Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Benefits of  Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

I have included the link to the entire article below.  As you  begin to study this information you will notice the benefits of hydrogen  peroxide. These benefits largely result from the increased oxygen the body gets from incorporating this therapy in you life.

Increased oxygen is one of the main benefits from daily use of the medical device I represent.   You may recall from previous articles that our capillary system is 74% of our total circulation and that there is no other product or device anywhere that increases the blood circulation in  the capillary system except for the electric medicine device I represent. So the  increased oxygen is a result of the device enhancing the rate of blood circulation and it also breaks up the aggregated blood cells in our capillaries that result for the slow down of blood circulation due to toxins, chemicals, stress, aging and more.  Studies have shown a distinct link between sickness, disease and a lack of circulation.

I am devoting some space here to the device because as you study hydrogen peroxide therapy you need to understand it hydrogen peroxide does not influence the rate of blood circulation and it does not break up aggregated  blood cells. So if you use  hydrogen peroxide therapy with the medical device based on my research you are really taking great steps to improve your health.

One More Thing Before You Click On The Link –  Be sure to read this information carefully so if you get the product you buy only food grade and the 3% formula. Study this information before just starting in and using it.  If you have had an organ transplant do not use the as it strengthens the immune system.

Safe and Effective Natural Remedy for the Flu: Over the Counter Hydrogen Peroxide

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