Electromagnetic Energy Is Essential for Life What Impairs Our EM Field and What To Do About It

Electromagnetic Energy is Essential for Life (this original of this report was found on an international site and has been slightly modified for the US  market. The author is unknown. The references to science are proven.)

The Earth’s Magnetic Field

We live under the influence of the earth’s natural electro-magnetic field which shields us from harmful gamma rays from outer space. It also forms a vital basis of stimulation for important metabolic processes in every cell.

Root Cause of Illness

Scientific research shows that the symptoms od illness or pain  are merely the tip of the underlying problem; the foundation of most illnesses lies deeper: disturbances in molecular processes interfere with the body’s natural regulatory processes, which in turn weaken the proper functioning of cells and organs. This is the level on which the device I represent works.

(No medical claims are made. This does not diagnose nor treat. Continue reading to further understand what it does)

Humans Self-Healing

All living organisms consist of trillions of highly specialized cells. The human body has an estimated 100 trillion cells.  Cells are the basic “Building blocks” of all life. All essential processes in the organism are based on the interaction with electromagnetic energy and chemical processes. The human body has self-regulating and self-Healing abilities. These crucial mechanisms can only function optimally when the body has a sufficient supply of energy (ATP). Illness only has a chance when the body is too weak to heal itself. When a large number of cells of a particular organ do not have enough energy to carry out their function, that organ has a lower level of performance. It has been established that every disease condition starts with an energy deficiency in the cell. Chronic symptoms are a noticeable sign of a group of cells under stress: lack of oxygen, lack of exercise, poor dietary habits and psychological stress.

( Once the cause is understood then reversing the conditions of the cause often can reverse the symptom.  Note: lifestyle adjustments alone will  not restore cellular health in the capillary system once it is impaired by disease, stress, aging, EMF radiation and  more. However the device I represent will restore this circulation to a health rate allowing all cells to receive the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and importantly the elimination of waste. Because no other device or product does this systemically this device is essential for those serious about living  healthy and energetically.)

The Effect of Lifestyle and Environmental Factors On Our Bodies

Stress and environmental pollutants strain the body. Our rushed modern lifestyle, lack of exercise and generally poor dietary habits, as well as the environmental stresses, lead to an impairment of the cells’ metabolism and thus detrimentally affect the vital energy balance. The results are high acidity levels, a decrease in vitality, increase in degenerative processes and chronic diseases as well as a higher susceptibility to illnesses. The body’s natural self-regulating mechanisms are weakened.

The Effect of Electric  Medicine  Therapy

The fundamental principle of electric medicine  therapy is that the proprietary, highly patented  signal influences electrically charged particles, or ions, which are found in all living organisms. The device signal energetically enables the body’s cells to carry out their prescribed function properly, what they were meant to do in the first place.

For a special  report on the  signal and for additional detailed information on the bio electric magnetic energy regulation device

Steve Pohlit
Independent Distrbutor