Conventional Belief About Heart Disease Misses The Mark

This article  published by Dr. Mercola about heart cardio vascular disease is huge and calls our attention to the value of the medical device I represent. The system does two things that result in our bodies advancing our health. Those two things are balancing our electrical system and increasing the blood circulation in our capillaries which is large portion of our circulatory system and not significantly influenced by anything else.

Here is a summary of the article’s main points and I have included the link to the entire article at the end of this summary:

Recent research shows stents do not improve angina, thereby negating the sole remaining medical indication for angioplasty or the placement of a stent to unblock a blocked artery

Earlier research showed angioplasty does not reduce mortality, nonfatal myocardial infarction or hospitalization rates for acute coronary syndrome

Coronary artery disease is not a disease per se. It’s a symptom of “a diffuse systemic disease,” caused primarily by poor diet, inactivity, insulin resistance and stress

The largest study done on heart attack incidence revealed only 41 percent of people who have a heart attack actually have a blocked artery. Of those, 50 percent of the blockages occurred after the heart attack. This means at least 80 percent of heart attacks are not associated with blocked arteries at all

Three primary causes of heart attacks are

decreased parasympathetic tone (this is the calming electrical system we have )

followed by sympathetic nervous system activation, (this is the fight or flight electrical system we have)

lack of microcirculation and lactic acid buildup in the heart muscle (personal note – our capillary system is about 74% of our total circulation system The blood flow in that system slows down or becomes impaired because by a number of influences. I detail those in my report that you can get. That slowdown and impairment puts more stress on the heart. The importance of blood flow in the capillaries should now be more clear to you.)

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Steve Pohlit
Independent BEMER Distributor