To begin appreciating the significance of this statement, understand that the size of a capillary is 1-7 angstrums . An angstum is 1-1 millionth of a centimeter I understand that it is difficult to appreciate something that small In most of our capillaries that extend 74,000 miles only one blood cell can flow through it at a time.

If a capillary collapses the blood cannot circulate in that area. Once it cannot circulate the blood cells begin to aggregate. Once that happens, the cells cannot get the oxygen, nutrition, water they need and they cannot eliminate waste.

Our bodies can heal themselves when the cells get what they need and are able to eliminate waste. The FDA Class 1 medical device I represent is the only technology in the world that has a significant positive influence on the circulation in the capillary system. Class 1 means safe for all ages except those who have had an organ transplant and are on immuno suppressant medication.

Remember if the circulation is impaired then our cells cannot get what they need no matter how high a quality of food, supplements or water we are using.

Click Here for a more detail

Better: Contact me for complete product details and videos of results people are experiencing.


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Fear and Stress: The Silent Killers

stressFear and Stress: Today there is a lot of both where hurricane Mathew has been and has yet to come. Both emotions are created by how we think with the exception of those physical situations which are truly physically threatening. On balance the actual percentage of physical treats is very small. So we imagine all sorts of outcomes and do tremendous damage to the health of our body. Most of the US and world is not threatened by Mathew. Yet we create our own list of what may happen and fuel our level of stress which is a huge killer. Do you think heart disease and other epidemic level major diseases are not related to stress? They are – big time.

We know a lot actually about how the body works. We is relative. I meet many people every week who have no idea about our capillary system, how that helps us when it is healthy, what causes it to break down and what helps restore health there and our entire body. So I and others share expanded information about blood flow, the amazing device that is the only product in the world that significantly improves blood flow in the micro vessel system along with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced, moving forward mindset. Personally I spend time daily with resources that I feel are helping me influence my own mindset in a positive way.

Quality information resources are literally available at our fingertips. When I say life changing in amazing ways that is not an overstatement. People are getting healthier and becoming happier in the process. Most however are like those ordered to evacuate the path of Mathew and didn’t. Now they are in crisis and wish they had paid attention.

I close this message the same way I do with all my messages that reach hundreds and maybe thousands of people everyday: for more information, send me an email or text me 727-224-4743

Be Well
Be Safe
Be at Peace

Steve Pohlit


The Secret of 74%

74%The Secret of 74%

Most doctors do not know at all or very little. Most people do not know at all.So what is this secret?

Actually there is no secret. All the information is there we are just not informed about our micro vessel system the system of our capillaries – 74,000 miles of them that that represents 74% of our body’s blood circulation.

Our heart cannot pump blood through 74,000 miles of very thin capillaries and have the blood reach the trillions of cells there.

My goal is to introduce you to the information so you understand how blood circulates in this system. Also understand what causes it to slow down and the problems that begin to result. Once you do then you will see how the FDA medical device I represent  is literally breakthrough technology developed over the past 2 decades is so valuable for our health.

The closer you look you will be amazed. Contact me now for in depth information on this technology.

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Bioavailable and Detox

When blood flow is unrestricted, our cells receive the oxygen, water and nutrition needed and those cells are able to process waste. If you consume the healthiest food, water and supplements, if you periodically use a detox program, a lot of that is wasted where blood flow is restricted.

You can feel that you are healthy and not know that part of your blood flow is compromised.  In the brief video below I explain the large part of our circulation system than most do not know or think about. The micro vessel system is 74% of our total circulation. Aging, stress, toxins and chemicals we are exposed to, unhealthy food and drink, and more contribute to a slow down of our blood circulation.

Exercise influences this circulation system by a very small degree. There are not supplements or drugs that influence it. There is one medical device that increases circulation in our micro vessel system in a very meaningful way. Listen to the video on the topic of circulation. The more you understand this the more you will appreciate just how valuable the medical device is.

Because of the significant influence on the circulation system this device has, all the good nutritional habits you have are optimized for your body. In addition, all your cells are now detoxifying as they should. This may be the best anti-aging and detox program available.

The following is the  Facebook live presentation I recorded on what most of us do not know about circulation. I have covered the main points in the text above. With live the picture is not as stable since I am holding the phone camera. I will get better at this. I am including it here for your convenience.

The Device and Business Model Is Helping A Lot of People
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Animal Lovers Are Reporting Fantastic Experiences Using This FDA Class 1 Medical Device

dogs, cats, love this While attending product presentations and calls to increase my understanding of the science and results with using the medical device I represent, I was also learning of the experiences of pet owners. Some of those are:

Dogs and cats often gets on the device with their owner as soon as it is turned on.

Older pets started regaining their energy and playing with the younger ones.

Healing of injuries were much faster than expected.

Those who were told their pet’s problems were arthritis and other health conditions, soon displayed reduced or no symptoms

Reclusive pets became social and more aggressive pets became calm.

Over time especially as we added a weekly Veterinarian call I heard more of these stories and more about how people were using the settings and accessories for this FDA Class 1 medical device and their pets. I also learned how Veterinarians, horse trainers, other animal trainers and animal caregivers are using this in their practices and businesses.

Pets do not have the placebo effect so these reported results further strengthened my belief system in the device along with the people testimonials I heard that I wish I could share but have restrictions doing that.

Linda Tellington JonesHorses

The company has a veterinarian spokesperson. Her name is Linda Tellington Jones. She is internationally recognized for her work with horses. She has been using the device along with other modelities with horses for quite some time. She has extended its use to small animals.

There is an exciting recording of an interview with Linda that is less than 30 minutes. During that interview you will have the experience of visualizing the results of the horses she uses as examples. She tells it best so listen to the call. I am happy to share that with you. Simply Email Me or text me at 727-224-4743

I will continue to share what I can and remain compliant with the FDA guidelines we have. Please contact me for more of the benefits of this device and let me know how I can help you with more information.

Steve Pohlit

Important Information About Our Health

causes of deathIn 1971 when President Nixon declared war on cancer, 1 of 13 people were affected.  Today after trillions of dollars spent on research, new drugs and more 1 of 2 men and 1 of 3 women are forecast to be affected.

In 1985 lest than 10% of the population in a small number of states were considered obese – not just overweight but obese. In 2010 the date of the most recent report 13 states had obesity rates exceeding 30% and all the rest had rates exceeding 20%  Obesity is a direct link to diabetes which is growing by epidemic proportions.

Cancer and diabetes are two health conditions that place significant strains on the heart. Cancer cells do not like oxygen and nutrient rich cells. Diabetes is the leading cause of limb amputations from lack of circulation on a an annual basis costing billions of dollars. Additional strains on the heart include all health conditions, risky lifestyle choices, stress  and  disruptive sleep.

The FDA Class 1 medical device I represent significantly increases the circulation of our blood in our entire body including the micro vessel system. The result is much more oxygen to our red blood cells and restored detoxification. The increased circulation positions our body to take over and begin to correct what is not working properly. This process if further assisted by adding more healthy food and quality water to our diet. The increased circulation in our capillary system which is 74% of our total circulation reduces the work load of the heart. 

This device is no substitute for professional medical care and it not represented to diagnose, treat cure any disease. With that it is facilitating our bodies to do some amazing things.

Text me to discuss in greater detail 727-224-4743.  If you or someone you know is experiencing a health challenge we need to get them more information.

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program

anti agingAnti-Aging 

You have probably heard that our body regenerates itself over time. Some areas faster than others.  So I always wondered if that is the case why do we develop wrinkles and other physical conditions associated with aging.

Part of the reason is impairment of cells at the micro vessel level. The capillaries are so thin that blood cells flow through in single file. As you think about this you may begin to appreciate it does not take much to disrupt this.  So when this circulation slows down for everyone because of aging, stress, life style and more cells can become impaired. So when impaired cell regenerate what do you think they are producing?

The FDA Class 1 medical device I along with others in the business represent, significantly improves the circulation of the blood including the micro vessel system which is 74% of the our circulatory system. As the circulation improves the body takes over and does its magic. This is the ultimate anti-aging program because our device addresses the core circulation of the body. This is not a process of applying or taking products that cannot reach cells where circulation is impaired.

I encourage you to call or  text me at 727-224-4743 to arrange for a brief presentation.

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Health Results

Results are what matters. This is true for relationships, work, business and certainly for health. Ask anyone who has health challenges what is most important to them and you will hear they simply want to feel good again.

tiredNumber 1

#1 Complaint at the doctor’s office: “I don’t have enough energy”

#1 Cause of death: heart disease

#1 Most costly disease and the one that is increasing at an alarming rate: Diabetes


Energy: ATP or Adenosine triphosphate, is the process in which energy is moved throughout each of our trillions of cells. The greater the increase in oxygen at the cell level the greater the production of ATP.

Slowing or blockage of blood circulation means cells do not get the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and are not able to process waste. This is why the number one reported benefit by people using the FDA Class 1 patented medical device I represent is increased energy. It is  proven to increase circulation including  at the micro vessel level which is 74% of our circulation system. Increased circulation means increased oxygen and ATP at the cellular level.

The benefits reported by people in addition to increased energy are many. There is an increasing number of benefits that are truly amazing. Contact me for a list of recommended resources where you will see more evidence of this information.

Remember the device is not disease specific and there are no claims or diagnosis being made. These reported results are attributable to increased circulation.  Our bodies are designed to correct what is needed when we have improved circulation and follow common sense lifestyle choices. 


Please call me or email me with questions, comments or requests for more information.

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Doctors Tell Us What They Have Been Taught

Doctors are very influenced by the drug companies. Google the question “what percentage of medical school costs are funded by big pharma” Be prepared to spend as much time as you have.

Follow the logic:

There are no nerve receptors in the 74,000 miles of our micro vessels or capillary system. This means drugs have no meaningful influence on the blood circulation of these 74,000 miles. Since drugs to not have a meaningful positive influence, the drug companies do not educate the doctors on this part of the body. Yet this  accounts for 74% of the circulation in the body. The other 26% is what most of think accounts for all of our circulation – the heart, arteries and veins.

Most Doctors Are Not Taught This – Now You Know

This micro vessel system pulsates which is the cause of blood flow in that 74,000 mile system. It makes sense to me and hopefully to you that our heart is not capable of driving our blood to the micro vessels making up that 74,000 miles.  What is responsible was discovered in 1972 at Harvard. In 1998 three scientist won the Nobel prize for identifying the body’s actual process responsible for the pulse that drives the blood.

Once you understand this then it makes sense why people do not feel anything when they lay on our full body FDA Class 1 medical device. Again there are no nerve endings in the main area of circulation this device influences.

Since the focus is on what is taught and the education is heavily influenced by drug companies it is no surprise  that there are drugs prescribed that actually slow down the micro vessel circulation system. Are doctors purposely harming us?  Of course not. Most simply do not know.

Please note there are other contributing factors to the slowdown of circulation in the micro vessel system. As a reminder since this is detailed in other articles here, aging, stress, lifestyle (what we eat, drink and the toxins we are exposed to) and trauma are the main causes of the slow down in our micro vessel circulation.  Trauma includes physical trauma from accidents as an example and emotional drama, the loss of a loved one for example.

The Micro Vessel System Slows Down – So What? 

Premature aging
Loss of energy
Disruptive sleep patterns
Lack of mental focus
Sickness and disease

Want more? I think you get the idea.

Take Care of The Circulatory SystemThe FDA Class 1 (expect Class 2 soon) that I represent does one thing much better than anything else  – science and medical research supports that statement. That one thing is enhanced circulation. When the circulation is improved our cells get the oxygen, water and nutrition they need and the removal of waste is enhanced.

It is going to take awhile for many more to know about this as there is less than 15,000 in use in the United States. However those who know now and are using this system are reporting some incredible progress with their health.  Now you know.

Next Steps: 

Spend some time with the other articles at this site. When you are ready

Email me: for more information that you will not find here.

Call me direct 727-224-4743 with questions or text me your email address

My hope is for you to take action and begin to appreciate what this will do for your health and those you care about.

Steve Pohlit
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About Capillaries, Cells and Circulation – This is actually very important for everyone to understand 

partial representation of circulationCapillaries 

Some say 3 and I just heard 7. It does not matter. Use any of those numbers. When you divide one strand of hair by 3 or 7, you get – really thin.

Now line those strands end to end. How long is that? Well about 75,000 miles. That is about 3 times around the face of the earth. You are beginning to have a picture of our capillary system.


The estimates vary. Generally I am hearing our bodies have about 100 trillion cells. Let’s just agree there are a lot.  Each cell has 4 oxygen molecule.  So 100 trillion blood cells, 400 trillen oxygen molecures and 75,000 miles of capillaries


Think about our heart. Do you think our heart alone can pump blood to that 75,000 miles and 100 trillion cells ? Let me help you out. It can’t. There is another process that gets the oxygen, nutrients  to all of those blood cells and facilitates waste removal from the cells.

Once I understood this,  I learned that this supporting circulatory system slows down with age, stress, eating and drinking products not good for us and more. Then I learned there is a less than 10% positive impact on this supporting system from exercise and nutrition.

So with a decline in circulation,  we do not have the energy we would like, we age prematurely and the incident rate of sickness and disease is increasing.  There is more but you are starting to get the picture.

Keep calmThe FDA Class 1 medical device I represent has passed the due diligence  by NASA and they have now partnered with the company. This has been in use for 17 years internationally and there are more than 4,000 hospitals, clinics and universities using this. This technology significantly improves the circulation and in just 8 minutes twice a day people are getting fantastic results. Bonus this technology is cumulative. When you use it everyday things just get better and better.  Click Here for a summary of benefits. For pictures and a video  Click Here 

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