Mindset is Pillar One of The Four Pillars for Vibrant Health


Nothing is more important in life than making decisions regarding the outcome you intend to experience. This applies to being happy, healthy. prosperous and more. Once you make those decisions then the next step is to research using resources of your choosing,

Resources include people, books, movies, videos, websites, blogs and more. That research leads you to notes as to your action plans. Best to focus on just a couple things. Personally I look at recent experiences and think of how I can be better. I also look forward and address what do I need to do and to be in order to create what I intend to experience.

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Fear and Stress: The Silent Killers

stressFear and Stress: Today there is a lot of both where hurricane Mathew has been and has yet to come. Both emotions are created by how we think with the exception of those physical situations which are truly physically threatening. On balance the actual percentage of physical treats is very small. So we imagine all sorts of outcomes and do tremendous damage to the health of our body. Most of the US and world is not threatened by Mathew. Yet we create our own list of what may happen and fuel our level of stress which is a huge killer. Do you think heart disease and other epidemic level major diseases are not related to stress? They are – big time.

We know a lot actually about how the body works. We is relative. I meet many people every week who have no idea about our capillary system, how that helps us when it is healthy, what causes it to break down and what helps restore health there and our entire body. So I and others share expanded information about blood flow, the amazing device that is the only product in the world that significantly improves blood flow in the micro vessel system along with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced, moving forward mindset. Personally I spend time daily with resources that I feel are helping me influence my own mindset in a positive way.

Quality information resources are literally available at our fingertips. When I say life changing in amazing ways that is not an overstatement. People are getting healthier and becoming happier in the process. Most however are like those ordered to evacuate the path of Mathew and didn’t. Now they are in crisis and wish they had paid attention.

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Be Well
Be Safe
Be at Peace

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Sleep Deprivation is A Very Serious Matter

Effects of Sleep DeprivationA recent study revealed 75% of Americans are  REM sleep deprived and that is a problem. If you are one of them it is important to take a close look at all 4 Pillars  Click Here for the full 4 Pillars for Health Article. I summary they are:

  1. Mindset – if you are worried, stressed, depressed, in fear or some other negative emotion, that needs to be addressed. This involves retraining the mind. There are many helpful resources for this and candidly I watch my thought process all the time. I spend time with books, MP3’s, videos and experts to fuel a moving forward calm, confident state of mind. If you have lived most of your life like me without this guidance then this will require a commitment. Email me if you want a list of my top resource recommendations.
  2. Lifestyle – what we eat and drink: putting garbage in your system will affect your sleep. Eat healthy foods  – preferably organic fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of quality mineral water. If you eat and drink late at night that will be a problem. If you drink a lot of alcohol that will be a problem. If you rely on sleep aides that will be a problem. There are cases where medical assistance is needed but personally I would use that as a last resort because you will be prescribed medication and medication is not natural. Obviously this area of recommendation does not apply to people in accidents or having to go through surgery. In those cases follow your doctor’s instructions but while doing that remember the healthy food and quality water point.
  3. Exercise – This is an area that gets a lot of press and can confuse people. This is important but what is also important is selecting activities that are sustainable. I recommend activities that strengthen the muscles and are good for circulation.
  4. The Missing Link : the FDA Class 1 medical device I along with my partners represent is simply awesome for facilitating quality sleep when consistently used 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening. There is a special sleep program that facilitates REM sleep which is essential for organ restoration. There are other major benefits as well. Click Here and discover that NASA is a partner and this is used by over 1 million people and in over 4000 hospitals and clinics worldwide. This device is not on trial – it is simply not well known in the US

Note Sleep Deprivation is a very serious matter. I hope you address it.

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Anti Aging – Reversing The Degenerative Physical Cycle

anti aging Anti Aging solutions are marketed everywhere and nearly all are in the form of a lotion, serum, supplement. Each of those cases are an outside in solution. There is evidence of some benefit for the user. However, with two exceptions, the biggest benefactors are the companies that make and sell the products.

The exceptions I am referencing is first the impact on a person’s mindset. Using high quality products often result in the person feeling better about themselves and that is good. The second exception is where a person uses their favorite product and uses the skin care accessory that comes with the medical device I represent. More on that follows.

Lifestyle Disease StatisticsWith all the research and studies done that support the quality of some products why is it that the population continues to demonstrate a gross imbalance between the money spent on supplements, traditional health care and the actual results? Diabetes and certain other disorders have reached epidemic levels.

It is my view the reason is linked to people ignoring one or more of the 4 Pillars or simply not being aware of  the importance of each one. In summary the 4 Pillars are:

  1. Mindset – our mood, attitude and emotional state are a result of what we feed our mind. That will be a topic of another article.
  2. Lifestyle – what we eat and drink. Consume organic foods, non-GMO, drink clean mineral water and I know doing that 100% of the time is not possible.
  3. Physical Exercise
  4. The Missing Link – The FDA Class 1 Medical Device I along with other partners represent.

The medical device is the missing link because very few understand that 74% of our body’s circulation is not driven buy our arteries and vein. Further more there are 4 very common reasons for that circulation system to slow down and deteriorate. They are:

  1. Aging
  2. Stress
  3. Lifestyle – eating and drinking what is not good for us
  4. Trauma – physical trauma including surgeries, accidents, disease and mental trauma for example the loss of a loved one.

As this circulation system slows, our bodies are adversely affected and problems like getting sick and worse develop.

partial representation of circulationIs The Improvement In Circulation The Answer?

The medical device is making a huge difference in the lives of people especially when they follow a common sense program in the other 3 Pillars.  This device improves the circulation of that 74% significantly. As that happens, our bodies take over and begin to repair and regenerate.

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