Medical Diagnostic Mistakes, Prescription Drug Errors

(One of the major benefits of the device I represent as reported by people using prescription medications is less is needed and often none are required at all. Do not adjust on your own. Always follow the direction of your doctor.)

medical mistakesRecently a friend posted on Facebook her experience with her annual physical exams.  She was primarily discussing how she was treated during the process.

That sparked my curiosity on how reliable are the physical exam results and how often are people misdiagnosed and how often do people receive the wrong prescription.

Before continuing I want to be very clear that I absolutely am in no way advising anyone to not have physical exams or make modifications to their prescriptions without consulting their doctor. I also want to be very clear that each of us is responsible for our health  I am especially excited about the FDA Class 1 medical device I represent as I continue to learn more about our body’s circulation.

My concern stems from my experience talking with many people about their health and learning it is quite common to take a doctor’s word as gospel. With that consider these statistics:

According to The Institute of Medicine “Americans experience about 12 million diagnostic errors a year”  This statistic was updated September 2015.  There are additional very alarming statistics including the number of deaths from medical mistakes and the number of medical mistakes with seniors with an average age of 76 – shocking.  Click Here to read all the details

When it comes to prescription medications, an estimated one third of adults in the US take 5 or more medications. Now consider this: “An adverse drug event (ADE) is defined as harm experienced by a patient as a result of exposure to a medication, and ADEs account for nearly 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations each year. Click Here for the full report

With the trends of an aging population and a continual increase in the number of medications being prescribed it no surprise that the numbers continue to get worse.

Our bodies are marvelous systems that can self correct much of what is wrong. Circulation of our blood is the key along with common sense care of what we eat, drink and are exposed to.

Repeating what I include in nearly every health related article, 74% of our circulatory system is at the micro vessel or capillary level. Our blood flows through this system as a result of unique process that is separate from our heart, arteries and veins. Most are not aware of this information along with what causes that circulation system to slow down. Aging, stress, trauma, lifestyle all cause it to slow down and as that happens our cells cannot get the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and the waste removal process of our cells is impaired. The FDA Class 1 medical device I represent significantly enhances blood flow which then enables the body to take over and begin to correct where needed.  Using this device along with sensible eating and lifestyle could mean you are reduce the need for traditional medical care.

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program

anti agingAnti-Aging 

You have probably heard that our body regenerates itself over time. Some areas faster than others.  So I always wondered if that is the case why do we develop wrinkles and other physical conditions associated with aging.

Part of the reason is impairment of cells at the micro vessel level. The capillaries are so thin that blood cells flow through in single file. As you think about this you may begin to appreciate it does not take much to disrupt this.  So when this circulation slows down for everyone because of aging, stress, life style and more cells can become impaired. So when impaired cell regenerate what do you think they are producing?

The FDA Class 1 medical device I along with others in the business represent, significantly improves the circulation of the blood including the micro vessel system which is 74% of the our circulatory system. As the circulation improves the body takes over and does its magic. This is the ultimate anti-aging program because our device addresses the core circulation of the body. This is not a process of applying or taking products that cannot reach cells where circulation is impaired.

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Natural Detox With A Bonus – Weight Loss

Detox text made from fruits and vegetables “The best detox and anti-aging program there is and when I started using this system, I released 15 pounds.”

When I heard this statement from an internationally known expert in the health and wellness niche who heads a clinic that works primarily with people with very serious issues I sat up and paid close attention.

Detox Explained and The Link To Weight Loss 

Weight LossEach of our trillions of cells needs oxygen, water and nutrition. They also need to process waste.  What they need is received by our capillaries – all 74,000 miles of them.  What they discard is through our veins.  The expert used analogy of a house. The small pipes is where we draw our water. The large pipes are the sewer system. All is well unless there is a clog. The same is true for our bodies.

The FDA Class 1 medical device I along with my partners represent is scientifically proven to increase the circulation in our micro vessel or capillary system. So the removal of waste is as our bodies intended. When a person starts using this system, they may experience an increase in waste removal and that is why  there can be a reduction of weight loss. Certainly a  healthy diet and physical exercise is also recommended.

This detox process is natural.  Simply evaluate this benefit in comparison to other detox programs promoted. I have done several of them.  For me I will stick with this one.

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We Have A Health Care Crisis In The US – Why Most Do Not Recognize That

health care crisisThe single biggest reason people do not recognize there is a health care crisis in the US (and other parts of the world) is because the average life span has been extended.  The extension of life span is largely due to the massive amounts of pharmaceutical medicine consumed in this country. Life extension does not equate to quality of life being improved. In many cases it is just the opposite.

Look At These Statistics:

healthcare costsOn January 4, 2015 Forbes predicted total spending on health care was expected to exceed $3 trillion.

In 1971, 1 out of 13 people could expect to experience cancer.  The current rate of cancer is expected to soon be 1 of 3 women and 1 of 2 men.

Obesity, the leading cause of diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and diabetes at its current rate of increase will cost more than $3 trillion alone in less than 20 years.

In the next 10 years 66% of the people who die will be because of cardiac failure even with the proliferation of drugs and current medical technology.

These trends are staggering and not sustainable.


The influence of advertising and the advice by many in the medical profession whose education is funded in part by Big Pharma focuses the attention of many on drugs being the solutions for just about any health condition. I am told there are only two countries in the world that allow pharmaceutical advertising in our homes – TV etc They are the US and New Zealand. Is it any wonder so many develop the conclusion the solution to any problem is a prescription medication.

I have learned more about the body  in the last 7 months than I have learned in my life to that point. I really did not have the complete picture at all. I was not misinformed because I studied credible resources. I simply did not have the complete picture because most in the medical profession and even nutritional companies don’t have the complete picture.

What Is The Complete Picture?

partial representation of circulationThe understanding of circulation completes the picture. There is a ton of information available on healthy food and exercise so those categories are not a problem. However we are led to think that with a healthy lifestyle we can sidestep serious health conditions. We may but the odds are still against us since all of us are exposed to toxins and in recent years very harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Cell phones and Wifi make up a big part of but not all of the risk to our cells.

There are other articles on this site that explain in greater detail the missing link which is the 74% of our body’s circulatory system that flows our blood with power separate from our heart.  The FDA Class 1 medical devise I represent influences the circulation in that system by more than 30%. That increase cannot even come close to being matched by any nutrition product, exercise or competing devise. Certainly prescription medication does not influence it and in fact is an inhibitor in many cases.

Now that I have the critical piece, I am astounded at the number of people who do not take the time to at least understand what is in right in front of them. Just yesterday i had a very wealthy man tell me what you are talking about is too expensive. Yet just one health incident will cost more than that in just one day of hospital non-care. Who does that make sense to?


Based on my experience with the information available and the results we are seeing it is clear to me there is a solution.  What I represent is the missing link and now the only question is

Do You Value Your Health and Those You Care About Enough To Accept The Responsibility and Begin Using This Technology Along With Following A Common Sense Healthy Lifestyle?

Next Steps:


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Health Results

Results are what matters. This is true for relationships, work, business and certainly for health. Ask anyone who has health challenges what is most important to them and you will hear they simply want to feel good again.

tiredNumber 1

#1 Complaint at the doctor’s office: “I don’t have enough energy”

#1 Cause of death: heart disease

#1 Most costly disease and the one that is increasing at an alarming rate: Diabetes


Energy: ATP or Adenosine triphosphate, is the process in which energy is moved throughout each of our trillions of cells. The greater the increase in oxygen at the cell level the greater the production of ATP.

Slowing or blockage of blood circulation means cells do not get the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and are not able to process waste. This is why the number one reported benefit by people using the FDA Class 1 patented medical device I represent is increased energy. It is  proven to increase circulation including  at the micro vessel level which is 74% of our circulation system. Increased circulation means increased oxygen and ATP at the cellular level.

The benefits reported by people in addition to increased energy are many. There is an increasing number of benefits that are truly amazing. Contact me for a list of recommended resources where you will see more evidence of this information.

Remember the device is not disease specific and there are no claims or diagnosis being made. These reported results are attributable to increased circulation.  Our bodies are designed to correct what is needed when we have improved circulation and follow common sense lifestyle choices. 


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Doctors Tell Us What They Have Been Taught

Doctors are very influenced by the drug companies. Google the question “what percentage of medical school costs are funded by big pharma” Be prepared to spend as much time as you have.

Follow the logic:

There are no nerve receptors in the 74,000 miles of our micro vessels or capillary system. This means drugs have no meaningful influence on the blood circulation of these 74,000 miles. Since drugs to not have a meaningful positive influence, the drug companies do not educate the doctors on this part of the body. Yet this  accounts for 74% of the circulation in the body. The other 26% is what most of think accounts for all of our circulation – the heart, arteries and veins.

Most Doctors Are Not Taught This – Now You Know

This micro vessel system pulsates which is the cause of blood flow in that 74,000 mile system. It makes sense to me and hopefully to you that our heart is not capable of driving our blood to the micro vessels making up that 74,000 miles.  What is responsible was discovered in 1972 at Harvard. In 1998 three scientist won the Nobel prize for identifying the body’s actual process responsible for the pulse that drives the blood.

Once you understand this then it makes sense why people do not feel anything when they lay on our full body FDA Class 1 medical device. Again there are no nerve endings in the main area of circulation this device influences.

Since the focus is on what is taught and the education is heavily influenced by drug companies it is no surprise  that there are drugs prescribed that actually slow down the micro vessel circulation system. Are doctors purposely harming us?  Of course not. Most simply do not know.

Please note there are other contributing factors to the slowdown of circulation in the micro vessel system. As a reminder since this is detailed in other articles here, aging, stress, lifestyle (what we eat, drink and the toxins we are exposed to) and trauma are the main causes of the slow down in our micro vessel circulation.  Trauma includes physical trauma from accidents as an example and emotional drama, the loss of a loved one for example.

The Micro Vessel System Slows Down – So What? 

Premature aging
Loss of energy
Disruptive sleep patterns
Lack of mental focus
Sickness and disease

Want more? I think you get the idea.

Take Care of The Circulatory SystemThe FDA Class 1 (expect Class 2 soon) that I represent does one thing much better than anything else  – science and medical research supports that statement. That one thing is enhanced circulation. When the circulation is improved our cells get the oxygen, water and nutrition they need and the removal of waste is enhanced.

It is going to take awhile for many more to know about this as there is less than 15,000 in use in the United States. However those who know now and are using this system are reporting some incredible progress with their health.  Now you know.

Next Steps: 

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My hope is for you to take action and begin to appreciate what this will do for your health and those you care about.

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About Capillaries, Cells and Circulation – This is actually very important for everyone to understand 

partial representation of circulationCapillaries 

Some say 3 and I just heard 7. It does not matter. Use any of those numbers. When you divide one strand of hair by 3 or 7, you get – really thin.

Now line those strands end to end. How long is that? Well about 75,000 miles. That is about 3 times around the face of the earth. You are beginning to have a picture of our capillary system.


The estimates vary. Generally I am hearing our bodies have about 100 trillion cells. Let’s just agree there are a lot.  Each cell has 4 oxygen molecule.  So 100 trillion blood cells, 400 trillen oxygen molecures and 75,000 miles of capillaries


Think about our heart. Do you think our heart alone can pump blood to that 75,000 miles and 100 trillion cells ? Let me help you out. It can’t. There is another process that gets the oxygen, nutrients  to all of those blood cells and facilitates waste removal from the cells.

Once I understood this,  I learned that this supporting circulatory system slows down with age, stress, eating and drinking products not good for us and more. Then I learned there is a less than 10% positive impact on this supporting system from exercise and nutrition.

So with a decline in circulation,  we do not have the energy we would like, we age prematurely and the incident rate of sickness and disease is increasing.  There is more but you are starting to get the picture.

Keep calmThe FDA Class 1 medical device I represent has passed the due diligence  by NASA and they have now partnered with the company. This has been in use for 17 years internationally and there are more than 4,000 hospitals, clinics and universities using this. This technology significantly improves the circulation and in just 8 minutes twice a day people are getting fantastic results. Bonus this technology is cumulative. When you use it everyday things just get better and better.  Click Here for a summary of benefits. For pictures and a video  Click Here 

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Cellular Respiration – Very Important To Understand

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Sleep Deprivation is A Very Serious Matter

Effects of Sleep DeprivationA recent study revealed 75% of Americans are  REM sleep deprived and that is a problem. If you are one of them it is important to take a close look at all 4 Pillars  Click Here for the full 4 Pillars for Health Article. I summary they are:

  1. Mindset – if you are worried, stressed, depressed, in fear or some other negative emotion, that needs to be addressed. This involves retraining the mind. There are many helpful resources for this and candidly I watch my thought process all the time. I spend time with books, MP3’s, videos and experts to fuel a moving forward calm, confident state of mind. If you have lived most of your life like me without this guidance then this will require a commitment. Email me if you want a list of my top resource recommendations.
  2. Lifestyle – what we eat and drink: putting garbage in your system will affect your sleep. Eat healthy foods  – preferably organic fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of quality mineral water. If you eat and drink late at night that will be a problem. If you drink a lot of alcohol that will be a problem. If you rely on sleep aides that will be a problem. There are cases where medical assistance is needed but personally I would use that as a last resort because you will be prescribed medication and medication is not natural. Obviously this area of recommendation does not apply to people in accidents or having to go through surgery. In those cases follow your doctor’s instructions but while doing that remember the healthy food and quality water point.
  3. Exercise – This is an area that gets a lot of press and can confuse people. This is important but what is also important is selecting activities that are sustainable. I recommend activities that strengthen the muscles and are good for circulation.
  4. The Missing Link : the FDA Class 1 medical device I along with my partners represent is simply awesome for facilitating quality sleep when consistently used 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening. There is a special sleep program that facilitates REM sleep which is essential for organ restoration. There are other major benefits as well. Click Here and discover that NASA is a partner and this is used by over 1 million people and in over 4000 hospitals and clinics worldwide. This device is not on trial – it is simply not well known in the US

Note Sleep Deprivation is a very serious matter. I hope you address it.

For Your Health,
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Anti Aging : Reversing the Physical Degenerative Cycle 

Cellular Respiration – Very Important To Understand

Zone 10 Newsletter Vol 1 – Moving Your Health to Zone 10

We Don’t Have To Cure What We Can Prevent

Healthy LifeName the issue and you can find where Big Pharma is researching for a solution with a drug.


Our bodies are designed to take care of themselves. We do not need to cure what we can prevent. The FDA approved device that I along with my partners represent is awesome Click Here 17 year old German technology, NASA has partnered with the company. Over 1 million users worldwide and more Check it out.

Yes the circulation is improved in all – I say again – all parts of the body. Thank you ED. He reminds us every week that ED is his name and not his problem.

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Anti Aging – Reversing The Degenerative Physical Cycle

anti aging Anti Aging solutions are marketed everywhere and nearly all are in the form of a lotion, serum, supplement. Each of those cases are an outside in solution. There is evidence of some benefit for the user. However, with two exceptions, the biggest benefactors are the companies that make and sell the products.

The exceptions I am referencing is first the impact on a person’s mindset. Using high quality products often result in the person feeling better about themselves and that is good. The second exception is where a person uses their favorite product and uses the skin care accessory that comes with the medical device I represent. More on that follows.

Lifestyle Disease StatisticsWith all the research and studies done that support the quality of some products why is it that the population continues to demonstrate a gross imbalance between the money spent on supplements, traditional health care and the actual results? Diabetes and certain other disorders have reached epidemic levels.

It is my view the reason is linked to people ignoring one or more of the 4 Pillars or simply not being aware of  the importance of each one. In summary the 4 Pillars are:

  1. Mindset – our mood, attitude and emotional state are a result of what we feed our mind. That will be a topic of another article.
  2. Lifestyle – what we eat and drink. Consume organic foods, non-GMO, drink clean mineral water and I know doing that 100% of the time is not possible.
  3. Physical Exercise
  4. The Missing Link – The FDA Class 1 Medical Device I along with other partners represent.

The medical device is the missing link because very few understand that 74% of our body’s circulation is not driven buy our arteries and vein. Further more there are 4 very common reasons for that circulation system to slow down and deteriorate. They are:

  1. Aging
  2. Stress
  3. Lifestyle – eating and drinking what is not good for us
  4. Trauma – physical trauma including surgeries, accidents, disease and mental trauma for example the loss of a loved one.

As this circulation system slows, our bodies are adversely affected and problems like getting sick and worse develop.

partial representation of circulationIs The Improvement In Circulation The Answer?

The medical device is making a huge difference in the lives of people especially when they follow a common sense program in the other 3 Pillars.  This device improves the circulation of that 74% significantly. As that happens, our bodies take over and begin to repair and regenerate.

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