We Don’t Have To Cure What We Can Prevent

Healthy LifeName the issue and you can find where Big Pharma is researching for a solution with a drug.


Our bodies are designed to take care of themselves. We do not need to cure what we can prevent. The FDA approved device that I along with my partners represent is awesome Click Here 17 year old German technology, NASA has partnered with the company. Over 1 million users worldwide and more Check it out.

Yes the circulation is improved in all – I say again – all parts of the body. Thank you ED. He reminds us every week that ED is his name and not his problem.

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Anti Aging – Reversing The Degenerative Physical Cycle

anti aging Anti Aging solutions are marketed everywhere and nearly all are in the form of a lotion, serum, supplement. Each of those cases are an outside in solution. There is evidence of some benefit for the user. However, with two exceptions, the biggest benefactors are the companies that make and sell the products.

The exceptions I am referencing is first the impact on a person’s mindset. Using high quality products often result in the person feeling better about themselves and that is good. The second exception is where a person uses their favorite product and uses the skin care accessory that comes with the medical device I represent. More on that follows.

Lifestyle Disease StatisticsWith all the research and studies done that support the quality of some products why is it that the population continues to demonstrate a gross imbalance between the money spent on supplements, traditional health care and the actual results? Diabetes and certain other disorders have reached epidemic levels.

It is my view the reason is linked to people ignoring one or more of the 4 Pillars or simply not being aware of  the importance of each one. In summary the 4 Pillars are:

  1. Mindset – our mood, attitude and emotional state are a result of what we feed our mind. That will be a topic of another article.
  2. Lifestyle – what we eat and drink. Consume organic foods, non-GMO, drink clean mineral water and I know doing that 100% of the time is not possible.
  3. Physical Exercise
  4. The Missing Link – The FDA Class 1 Medical Device I along with other partners represent.

The medical device is the missing link because very few understand that 74% of our body’s circulation is not driven buy our arteries and vein. Further more there are 4 very common reasons for that circulation system to slow down and deteriorate. They are:

  1. Aging
  2. Stress
  3. Lifestyle – eating and drinking what is not good for us
  4. Trauma – physical trauma including surgeries, accidents, disease and mental trauma for example the loss of a loved one.

As this circulation system slows, our bodies are adversely affected and problems like getting sick and worse develop.

partial representation of circulationIs The Improvement In Circulation The Answer?

The medical device is making a huge difference in the lives of people especially when they follow a common sense program in the other 3 Pillars.  This device improves the circulation of that 74% significantly. As that happens, our bodies take over and begin to repair and regenerate.

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Cellular Respiration: Very Important To Understand

Cellular Respiration Big PictureThe following video demonstrates how our bodies work when there is proper blood circulation. Most people have some level of circulation restriction with an increasing number having severe restrictions.

The medical device I represent  has been in use for more than 17 years mainly in Europe. It’s sole purpose is to increase the blood flow at the capillary level.  When you watch the following video you will see how important blood flow at the capillary system  is.   For more information on the medical device Click Here To Begin

Steve Pohlit
Independent Distributor
Real Estate Investor
Ph: 727-587-7871

All AC Current EMF or Electromagnetic Fields Have An Adverse Affect. There Is Help.

Note: There are no claims of diagnosis or cure.

EMFAs an introduction to EMF I suggest reading the articles at Dr. Mercola’s site. Click Here  I also recommend the book Disconnect which you can find on Amazon.

If you do not have the time to do that here is a quick summary:

For those who prefer video

Cell phone signals, WIFi, radio, TV, microwave signals and more all are bombarding our body. This is having very noticeable adverse affect on our bodies. Actually since this relatively new there is not much history yet to show the real damage.

I have learned that all of these signals are a cause of blood cell weakening and  blood rouleaux  This is where blood cells forming what looks like coin rolling and ultimately clumping so the rolls are hardly distinguishable. When this happens the blood cells cannot get the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and are not able to release waste.

Blood rouleaux and restrictions of blood flow as you might imagine can be the start of many health issues.  Note EMF is not the only cause of blood rouleaux. Search blood rouleaux on YouTube.
I along with my partners represent an FDA Class 1 Medical Device that improves our body’s circulation and helps our cells become fully functioning again.  This technology has actually been in use for over 17 years. It has passed all the due diligence of NASA and NASA has a 10 year partnership agreement with the company. Garments are being developed for the astronauts with this technology to address the negative issues they experience in their circulation system from being in weightlessness.

This device helps to oxygenate the blood and counteract the rouleaux effect on blood cells when people are exposed to electromagnetic fields.

This point of this article is that many people who think they are healthy are likely experiencing changes in the blood they are not aware of. In my market we have a specialist who does before and after blood tests with this device and shows the pictures of the results which are amazing to see. We can see blood cells that are not functioning properly become more normal again after just an 8 minute session.

This is Breakthrough Technology. It increases the circulation in our body. That improvement in circulation helps our cells get the oxygen and nutrition they need and facilitates cells removing toxins.

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