The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek and How I Am Adapting It

I Love this. It is very valuable. I know why I am passionate about what I represent. Now I can be more clear on communicating the why and attract more of people who believe like I do. The company and technology I represent is now 20 years old and the science shows huge benefits for everyone including people and animals. Yet there is very little awareness. I think the TEVO example best fits. I get the Apple example and the Wright Bros example – still think TEVO and their mistake fits best for me. I will be testing some new messages starting now.

Here is one idea: When it comes to illness and disease I don’t buy much of what the doctors and drug companies tell me. Why? Because I see the disease and illness statistics and they continue to get worse. If you are like me you are wondering about the causes of all of these. If you are like me you start identifying what is working and there are things that work.

For example I know if I never exercise, eat non nutritional food and don’t have a self development program that works for managing stress, I am putting myself at high risk of getting sick or worse and I do not want to be sick or have some disease I do not want to spend one day in the emergency room yet alone the hospital As I age I want to have energy to enjoy life and not worry about somebody having to care for me.

If you are like me you have identified the nutrition, exercise, mindfulness programs that work for you. Great! For me I learned there was more to it and I was taught cellular health, blood circulation, lymphatic system and electrical systems. I was taught there is one thing that has a positive influence on all these systems and there was nothing else that could The representations were proven to me by scientific research, double blind studies but most of all real time videos of our blood flow in our capillary system. I could see the impact and I wanted this technology and ordered it on the spot because I knew it was the missing link That is why I have it and that is why I am sharing with you what I know because in the health and wellness space if you are like me you will want this for you and those you care about right now.

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