Dead Doctors Don’t Lie by Dr. Joel D. Wallach- What Is Different Now?

My first introduction to this material was on a cassette tape.  That formula was very popular with network marketers as a lead generation for their nutrition products. The content is available  in hardcover, paperback cassette and CD. If you do some research you can find the print and presentations by Dr Wallach on line.

When you do your own research on what he wrote you will discover the following:

He is a veterinarian and  physician.  He performed over 17,500 autopsies on 454 species of animals and 3000 humans who lived in close proximity of zoos. He was focused on the cause of death and concluded nutritional deficiency was the the cause in each case of death by natural causes.

You need 90 nutrients in your diet everyday. You need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids or protein building-blocks, and you need 3 essential fatty acids. Otherwise you are going to get a deficiency disease. If you don’t have them in complete numbers and optimal amounts.


There is a clear formula for our dietary  requirements on a daily basis.  Is it possible that has been modified since he published his work?  Dr Wallach  most recent edition looks like it was  published in 2004 so it is likely to be a reliable resource.

How many people really  know the daily requirements in complete numbers and optimal requirements? I doubt very many.   Personally I did not know about this list and never compared what I consume to the standard he developed.

Could there be different formulas?  Of course but we have to have a starting point and if you don’t like his list find one you do.

The one point Dr. Wallach does not address because very few medical  professionals are taught the science of the cardiovascular system. That point is if we have the ideal nutrition program our cells cannot get the oxygen and nutrients needs if the blood flow is  impaired.  As time progresses and with the influence of stress, toxins, radiation and more everyone’s blood circulation is affected. The older a person the more it is affected.

Solution – the FDA Class 1 bio electric magnetic energy regulation device I represent combined with the ideal nutrition program, healthy water, sustainable physical exercise and a mindfulness mindset program.

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6 Steps Support Your Body’s Ability to Self Regulate – 6 Steps for Good Health, Anti-Aging, Longevity

Almost 1.3 million people went to U.S. emergency rooms due to adverse drug effects in 2014, and about 124,000 died from those events 
An estimated $200 billion per year is spent in the U.S. on the unnecessary and improper use of medication, for the drugs themselves and related medical costs,
53 percent of those taking prescription medications said they received them from two or more providers.
55% of those taking Rx drugs take 4 on average.
Note this is just the picture of Rx medication in the US for adults and does not include what is going on with vaccines and Rx for children.

You can see this is a serious picture. I can send you the entire article  and this data is also supported by the book Our Daily Meds. If you do the research you can link the enormous spending on medications prescribed and OTC along with medical care to the trends in sickness and disease. The trends are not improving.

It is important for each one of us to take responsibility for our health and well being. This responsibility extends to those we care about and in our network because there is a formula that is having a positive difference..

Read  the first point in this picture because if you do not believe what is presented is true,  you will not implement these. If you do not take action your risk of having sickness or worse increases.








Here is the formula:

The 6 Steps To Help The Body’s Self Regulation System.

Note it is  important to continue your relationship with your health care professional.  Never make any adjustments to medication you are taking on your own.

1. Mindfulness – have your own process for managing fearful and stressful thoughts. Some ideas to help you are medication,  using a journal to write important lessons from classic or spiritual literature, tapping, consistent positive mind feed from books, tapes, videos.

2. Purified mineral water.  Ideally alkaline is best. Most important is drinking about half your body weight in ounces  Ex. if you weight 160 lbs. then drink about 80 oz a day.  Alcohol, juices, coffee do not count.  Add organic lemon when you can. Avoid most water bottled in plastic

3. Nutrition – the less processed the better , and focus as much as possible on organic fruits and vegetables and naturally raised meat and seafood. Note: no matter how good the restaurant, most use industrialized process food and that is not good.

4 Exercise – have a sustainable program and do this at least 30 min three times per week. Include some resistance work. Walking is a great start with some strength training.

5. The Medical Device I Represent: Offset the impact of radiation and other harmful influences by using this ultimate anti-aging, detox and sleep system.  Nothing else comes close to the positive influences of blood circulation in the capillary system essential for getting all our cells the  oxygen, water needed and the elimination of waste .  There is summary information is on this page Click Here

6. Sleep – I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting enough quality sleep and quality means going into REM sleep.  In REM sleep the  body regenerates our organs and brain. Most people are REM sleep deprived. The device I represent  has a patented sleep cycle the only one in the world actually.

There is a lot of science to support  that following the 6 steps detailed above has a significant positive influence on people’s health.  Contact me for  help with your questions and more specific information.

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The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek and How I Am Adapting It

I Love this. It is very valuable. I know why I am passionate about what I represent. Now I can be more clear on communicating the why and attract more of people who believe like I do. The company and technology I represent is now 20 years old and the science shows huge benefits for everyone including people and animals. Yet there is very little awareness. I think the TEVO example best fits. I get the Apple example and the Wright Bros example – still think TEVO and their mistake fits best for me. I will be testing some new messages starting now.

Here is one idea: When it comes to illness and disease I don’t buy much of what the doctors and drug companies tell me. Why? Because I see the disease and illness statistics and they continue to get worse. If you are like me you are wondering about the causes of all of these. If you are like me you start identifying what is working and there are things that work.

For example I know if I never exercise, eat non nutritional food and don’t have a self development program that works for managing stress, I am putting myself at high risk of getting sick or worse and I do not want to be sick or have some disease I do not want to spend one day in the emergency room yet alone the hospital As I age I want to have energy to enjoy life and not worry about somebody having to care for me.

If you are like me you have identified the nutrition, exercise, mindfulness programs that work for you. Great! For me I learned there was more to it and I was taught cellular health, blood circulation, lymphatic system and electrical systems. I was taught there is one thing that has a positive influence on all these systems and there was nothing else that could The representations were proven to me by scientific research, double blind studies but most of all real time videos of our blood flow in our capillary system. I could see the impact and I wanted this technology and ordered it on the spot because I knew it was the missing link That is why I have it and that is why I am sharing with you what I know because in the health and wellness space if you are like me you will want this for you and those you care about right now.

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Electromagnetic Energy Is Essential for Life What Impairs Our EM Field and What To Do About It

Electromagnetic Energy is Essential for Life (this original of this report was found on an international site and has been slightly modified for the US  market. The author is unknown. The references to science are proven.)

The Earth’s Magnetic Field

We live under the influence of the earth’s natural electro-magnetic field which shields us from harmful gamma rays from outer space. It also forms a vital basis of stimulation for important metabolic processes in every cell.

Root Cause of Illness

Scientific research shows that the symptoms od illness or pain  are merely the tip of the underlying problem; the foundation of most illnesses lies deeper: disturbances in molecular processes interfere with the body’s natural regulatory processes, which in turn weaken the proper functioning of cells and organs. This is the level on which the device I represent works.

(No medical claims are made. This does not diagnose nor treat. Continue reading to further understand what it does)

Humans Self-Healing

All living organisms consist of trillions of highly specialized cells. The human body has an estimated 100 trillion cells.  Cells are the basic “Building blocks” of all life. All essential processes in the organism are based on the interaction with electromagnetic energy and chemical processes. The human body has self-regulating and self-Healing abilities. These crucial mechanisms can only function optimally when the body has a sufficient supply of energy (ATP). Illness only has a chance when the body is too weak to heal itself. When a large number of cells of a particular organ do not have enough energy to carry out their function, that organ has a lower level of performance. It has been established that every disease condition starts with an energy deficiency in the cell. Chronic symptoms are a noticeable sign of a group of cells under stress: lack of oxygen, lack of exercise, poor dietary habits and psychological stress.

( Once the cause is understood then reversing the conditions of the cause often can reverse the symptom.  Note: lifestyle adjustments alone will  not restore cellular health in the capillary system once it is impaired by disease, stress, aging, EMF radiation and  more. However the device I represent will restore this circulation to a health rate allowing all cells to receive the oxygen, water, nutrition needed and importantly the elimination of waste. Because no other device or product does this systemically this device is essential for those serious about living  healthy and energetically.)

The Effect of Lifestyle and Environmental Factors On Our Bodies

Stress and environmental pollutants strain the body. Our rushed modern lifestyle, lack of exercise and generally poor dietary habits, as well as the environmental stresses, lead to an impairment of the cells’ metabolism and thus detrimentally affect the vital energy balance. The results are high acidity levels, a decrease in vitality, increase in degenerative processes and chronic diseases as well as a higher susceptibility to illnesses. The body’s natural self-regulating mechanisms are weakened.

The Effect of Electric  Medicine  Therapy

The fundamental principle of electric medicine  therapy is that the proprietary, highly patented  signal influences electrically charged particles, or ions, which are found in all living organisms. The device signal energetically enables the body’s cells to carry out their prescribed function properly, what they were meant to do in the first place.

For a special  report on the  signal and for additional detailed information on the bio electric magnetic energy regulation device

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