Toxins Are Bombarding Us – Here Is What You Need To Know

We are bombarded daily with toxins and toxins are associated with every sickness and disease. Common sources of toxins are prescription medication, chemicals in our food, toxins in our water and air, toxins inn materials used to build our homes, work places vehicles.

We have trillions of cells and each one needs to eliminate waste. It is more important than ever for our waste removal system at the cellular level be working properly. Yet that system is generally impaired especially at the capillary level because that is where blood flow becomes impaired.  Science proves the only product that helps improve blood circulation at the capillary level  is the device I represent. 

Is that all you  need to do?  Of course not. All of need to minimize toxin exposure at the source.  However, go to a mall, drive on a street or highway, do all the things most people do and you are exposed. So take a look at the ultimate detox system that has many other benefits. 

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Steve Pohlit
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