What Is Our Lymphatic System, Why Is It Important and Positive Influences

What Is the lymphatic system? (Google This phrase and you will find resources that are the basis for the answer to  this question provided here.)

The lymphatic system is a system of thin tubes and lymph nodes that run throughout the body. These tubes are called lymph vessels or lymphatic vessels. This network is about 18,000 miles so similar to our capillary system which is about 74,000 miles these vessels are very small and fluids are easily impaired

The lymph system is an important part of our immune system. It is responsible for:

• fighting bacteria and other infections
• destroying old or abnormal cells, such as cancer cells

How it works

The lymphatic system is similar to the blood circulation. The lymph vessels branch through all parts of the body like the capillaries that carry blood. The lymphatic system tubes carry a colorless liquid called lymph.

The lymph contains a high number of a type of white blood cells called lymphocytes. These cells fight infection and destroy damaged or abnormal cells.

As the blood circulates around the body, fluid leaks out from the blood vessels into the body tissues. This fluid carries food to the cells and bathes the body tissues to form tissue fluid. The fluid then collects waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells. It also collects any cancer cells if these are present. This fluid then drains into the lymph vessels. (Understand that the oxygen, water and nutrients are delivered to our cells in a fluid. A fluid then is the mechanism for the cells to release waste. A healthy lymphatic system is critical for cellular waste removal.)

Negative Influences On Blood and Lymph Fluid Circulation

The negative influences on the blood circulation of our capillary system apply to our lymphatic system. These include: stress, aging, toxins in our food, air, water, electronic magnetic field radiation, sedentary lifestyle. These negative influences result in our lymphatic system having to do  more work  to  process what is harmful to  us.

Positive Influences On Blood Flow Circulation and Lymph Fluid

The following have a positive influence on blood circulation in the macro system of the body which is the heart, arteries, and veins as well as having a positive influence on the cells flowing through our capillary system and the production of lymph fluid. Note these positive influences have little if any influence on the rate of blood circulation in the capillary system or lymph fluid network. These influences include: healthy nutrition and alkaline water, stress management, sustainable exercise. Radiation is pervasive and while some things can be done to reduce exposure, the bombardment is increasing from stronger cell phones, WiFi, radio/TV waives, security system, microwaves, diagnostic equipment and more.

A Major Positive Influence

The medical device that I represent is FDA Class 1 in the US and Class 2 or above equivalent in many other countries, has a significant influence on blood flow in the entire body including the capillaries. One 8 minutes session generally has a residual effect of 12-16 hours and is cumulative which means that the rate of blood circulation restores to that of a healthy 20 year old and note the operative word is healthy. This does not imply a person younger than 20 should not use this. Quite the opposite because from inception we are exposed to negative influences. This system also has a significant positive influence on the circulation of lymph fluid in our lymphatic system which is why this is known for strengthening our immune system.

There is no other device, product, food, exercise that has any meaningful influence on the blood circulation in the capillary system and on the circulation of lymph fluid. So the significance of the this device is huge.

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Toxins Are Bombarding Us – Here Is What You Need To Know

We are bombarded daily with toxins and toxins are associated with every sickness and disease. Common sources of toxins are prescription medication, chemicals in our food, toxins in our water and air, toxins inn materials used to build our homes, work places vehicles.

We have trillions of cells and each one needs to eliminate waste. It is more important than ever for our waste removal system at the cellular level be working properly. Yet that system is generally impaired especially at the capillary level because that is where blood flow becomes impaired.  Science proves the only product that helps improve blood circulation at the capillary level  is the device I represent. 

Is that all you  need to do?  Of course not. All of need to minimize toxin exposure at the source.  However, go to a mall, drive on a street or highway, do all the things most people do and you are exposed. So take a look at the ultimate detox system that has many other benefits. 

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Conventional Belief About Heart Disease Misses The Mark

This article  published by Dr. Mercola about heart cardio vascular disease is huge and calls our attention to the value of the medical device I represent. The system does two things that result in our bodies advancing our health. Those two things are balancing our electrical system and increasing the blood circulation in our capillaries which is large portion of our circulatory system and not significantly influenced by anything else.

Here is a summary of the article’s main points and I have included the link to the entire article at the end of this summary:

Recent research shows stents do not improve angina, thereby negating the sole remaining medical indication for angioplasty or the placement of a stent to unblock a blocked artery

Earlier research showed angioplasty does not reduce mortality, nonfatal myocardial infarction or hospitalization rates for acute coronary syndrome

Coronary artery disease is not a disease per se. It’s a symptom of “a diffuse systemic disease,” caused primarily by poor diet, inactivity, insulin resistance and stress

The largest study done on heart attack incidence revealed only 41 percent of people who have a heart attack actually have a blocked artery. Of those, 50 percent of the blockages occurred after the heart attack. This means at least 80 percent of heart attacks are not associated with blocked arteries at all

Three primary causes of heart attacks are

decreased parasympathetic tone (this is the calming electrical system we have )

followed by sympathetic nervous system activation, (this is the fight or flight electrical system we have)

lack of microcirculation and lactic acid buildup in the heart muscle (personal note – our capillary system is about 74% of our total circulation system The blood flow in that system slows down or becomes impaired because by a number of influences. I detail those in my report that you can get. That slowdown and impairment puts more stress on the heart. The importance of blood flow in the capillaries should now be more clear to you.)


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A Collection of Health and Wellness Messages Posted In 2017

There are many more messages in this format that I posted to Facebook However I did not take the time to make them permanent images That changes starting today

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There is nothing more important for our cells than oxygen! Without oxygen a cell is damaged in 3 minutes and dies in about 6 minutes.

The medical device I represent significantly helps each of our cells to get the oxygen needed. Oxygen is absolutely essential for a healthy cell and for our energy. There is no other product on the planet that can do this for our capillary system which is 74% of our total circulatory system. This is a scientifically proven statement.

If you want more information as to why over time more and more of our cells become blocked and how this device helps the body restore our cells to a healthy state . Let me know – my contact information follows.

I have a growing library of reference reports and videos on how what this device does helps our bodies address the increasing number of health conditions we face. If you have a specific question or concern contact me and I will point you to the research.

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