Premature Horses and Babies

Premature Horses – A Feel Good Development

When a horse is born premature a very important action is for the horse to stand up and nurse. If it doesn’t there is a high risk it won’t survive.

I learned of an situation like that where the horse had been laying down for 8 hours. The owner called a neighbor who brought the human version of the medical devise I represent and placed the mat on top of the newborn. After just an 8 minute session the horse stood up and while a bit wobbly began to nurse and is doing fine now.

This particular barn reported a non survival rate of 8 out of 10 when a horse is born premature. Now the survival rate is closer to 90%. Why is that? While I am waiting on more information to be reported by the veterinarians a major factor is the increase in blood flow and associated increase in oxygen to the cells

There Are Hospitals In Europe That Place the Device In Their Neonatal Cribs

The number one problem premature babies have is underdeveloped lungs. One of the main benefits of the device is increased oxygen to the cells so you can appreciate why this helps. This has not yet been adopted in the US


This is a FDA Class 1 Device meaning it is safe. I have amazing stores of the development of babies that are are using this device. The only person not able to use it is someone who has had an organ transplant and is on Immunosuppressant drugs. This is because the device strengthens the immune system.

There are so many benefits to this technology all resulting from how it increases blood circulation. No medical claims. Coordinate with your doctor. No other product or device comes close. With the extensive scientific research supporting the efficacy of what it does, my view is this is not optional for anyone who values their health and those they care about.

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