Chiropractors Love This Technology For Three Main Reasons

The FDA registered medical device I represent supports the chiropractor, chiropractor therapy, and the chiropractor practice.  The three primary ways are :

  1. The chiropractic work is stressful on the body of the practitioner.  The device helps the overall strength and endurance of the chiropractor.
  2. The chiropractor’s client is can be easier to  apply the practitioner’s session because the client’s muscles and joints have a positive reaction to the device when  used in advance of the  session.
  3. Offering the medical device as an adjunct therapy in the chiropractor’s clinic is a valuable source of additional revenue.

Here is a non-scripted candid video from a skeptical chiropractor

Please note there are scientific research files and additional  resources for medical professionals. I am happy to  help you with all the due diligence you would like perform.


Steve Pohlit, Independent Distributor


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