Doctors Tell Us What They Have Been Taught

Doctors are very influenced by the drug companies. Google the question “what percentage of medical school costs are funded by big pharma” Be prepared to spend as much time as you have.

Follow the logic:

There are no nerve receptors in the 74,000 miles of our micro vessels or capillary system. This means drugs have no meaningful influence on the blood circulation of these 74,000 miles. Since drugs to not have a meaningful positive influence, the drug companies do not educate the doctors on this part of the body. Yet this  accounts for 74% of the circulation in the body. The other 26% is what most of think accounts for all of our circulation – the heart, arteries and veins.

Most Doctors Are Not Taught This – Now You Know

This micro vessel system pulsates which is the cause of blood flow in that 74,000 mile system. It makes sense to me and hopefully to you that our heart is not capable of driving our blood to the micro vessels making up that 74,000 miles.  What is responsible was discovered in 1972 at Harvard. In 1998 three scientist won the Nobel prize for identifying the body’s actual process responsible for the pulse that drives the blood.

Once you understand this then it makes sense why people do not feel anything when they lay on our full body FDA Class 1 medical device. Again there are no nerve endings in the main area of circulation this device influences.

Since the focus is on what is taught and the education is heavily influenced by drug companies it is no surprise  that there are drugs prescribed that actually slow down the micro vessel circulation system. Are doctors purposely harming us?  Of course not. Most simply do not know.

Please note there are other contributing factors to the slowdown of circulation in the micro vessel system. As a reminder since this is detailed in other articles here, aging, stress, lifestyle (what we eat, drink and the toxins we are exposed to) and trauma are the main causes of the slow down in our micro vessel circulation.  Trauma includes physical trauma from accidents as an example and emotional drama, the loss of a loved one for example.

The Micro Vessel System Slows Down – So What? 

Premature aging
Loss of energy
Disruptive sleep patterns
Lack of mental focus
Sickness and disease

Want more? I think you get the idea.

Take Care of The Circulatory SystemThe FDA Class 1 (expect Class 2 soon) that I represent does one thing much better than anything else  – science and medical research supports that statement. That one thing is enhanced circulation. When the circulation is improved our cells get the oxygen, water and nutrition they need and the removal of waste is enhanced.

It is going to take awhile for many more to know about this as there is less than 15,000 in use in the United States. However those who know now and are using this system are reporting some incredible progress with their health.  Now you know.

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