About Capillaries, Cells and Circulation – This is actually very important for everyone to understand 

partial representation of circulationCapillaries 

Some say 3 and I just heard 7. It does not matter. Use any of those numbers. When you divide one strand of hair by 3 or 7, you get – really thin.

Now line those strands end to end. How long is that? Well about 75,000 miles. That is about 3 times around the face of the earth. You are beginning to have a picture of our capillary system.


The estimates vary. Generally I am hearing our bodies have about 100 trillion cells. Let’s just agree there are a lot.  Each cell has 4 oxygen molecule.  So 100 trillion blood cells, 400 trillen oxygen molecures and 75,000 miles of capillaries


Think about our heart. Do you think our heart alone can pump blood to that 75,000 miles and 100 trillion cells ? Let me help you out. It can’t. There is another process that gets the oxygen, nutrients  to all of those blood cells and facilitates waste removal from the cells.

Once I understood this,  I learned that this supporting circulatory system slows down with age, stress, eating and drinking products not good for us and more. Then I learned there is a less than 10% positive impact on this supporting system from exercise and nutrition.

So with a decline in circulation,  we do not have the energy we would like, we age prematurely and the incident rate of sickness and disease is increasing.  There is more but you are starting to get the picture.

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