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How Valuable Are the Following To You?

Increased Energy
Enhanced Mental Accuity
Sound Sleep
Reduced or Eliminated Physical Discomfort
Stronger Immune System
Improved Physical Fitness
Incredible Anti-Aging
Very Effective Detox
More …

Another major benefit is this technology is a grounding device restoring the electromagnetic frequency in the body to that of the earth.  Our body’s electronic frequency is seriously under attack all the time by cell phones, wifi, smart boxes and much more This a very serious matter that this medical device helps resolve with daily use. ​

I am an independent distributor of a  highly sophisticated  medical device scientifically proven  to help the body achieve all the benefits just listed  and more. It is very easy to use. Simply lay on it for 8 minutes twice a day.  This works because the device helps each of our cells get the oxygen and more that they need and the benefits are cumulative. There is nothing else on the planet that does this. NOTHING!

Our Body’s Life Force Highway System

We have  an estimated  100 trillion cells and  an estimated 74,000 miles of capillaries.  Most of us cannot even come close to imagining the size of those numbers. Each of our cells require oxygen, nutrition, water and need to eliminate waste. When the blood  flow slows down the delivery of what our cells need begins to get blocked. That is the precursor to sickness and disease. The system I represent restores the blood flow. Can you see the benefit?   Watch this 2 minute video and see what happens.  Note  it has no sound 

Over time, the rate of blood flow through our capillary system slows down due to  toxins, stress, electronic smog and more. bBy age 60 the blood flow to our capillary system is substantially less than when we are 20. When the blood flow to our cells becomes restricted we are at higher risk for health problems, we experience premature aging, mobility issues, weakening eyesight, hearing loss and in an increasing number of cases brain functioning issues.

The FDA Class 1 Medical Device I represent  increases the circulation of blood in our body and especially our capillary system that is generally not responsive to traditional medical treatment, supplements and even exercise. 

Opening the circulatory channels where there is a slowing or blockage of blood flow helps our body achieve what it is designed to do which is to be healthy.

Remember this is not a claim of any cures or resolving  health specific issues. This medical device assists your own body by using a highly patented signal to open up our blood circulation pathways. When that happens, good things are usually the result.

Using this device does not mean you can mistreat yourself with how you eat, drink and exercise.

Scientific and Social Proof 

There are over 1 million users worldwide.

FDA Class 1 approved in the US. This means it is classified as safe for use in hospitals, clinics and homes.  Testimonials are the easiest and fastest way to appreciate this system.  Email me and I am happy to send you information where you can find many testimonials

NASA has partnered with the company after extensive due diligence. The  technology is being applied to clothing astronauts for use while in outer space. Weightlessness has a significant adverse affect on circulation.

5 very strong International patents and there are huge volumes of medical and scientific documentation which is most important for the medical profession.

This system is safe for almost everyone including infants.  Anyone who has had an organ transplant and who is on medication to reduce the risk of organ rejection, cannot use this device  because it strengthens the immune system which increases the risk of organ rejection.

This device has more than 1500 research papers. Contact me  for these reports as I have a list of the report you can find on line.

How Do You  Get More Details Including How To Buy One? 

We want to make sure you understand your options as well as all the benefits of the this amazing medical device.  Call or text  Steve Pohlit,  now at 727-224-4743 . Leave a message regarding the best times to call you back.

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